Top 8 medieval composers

The music is not an invention of our time, it exists from the very beginning, but it was in the middle ages when it began to be written and encoded. Much time has passed since then, but as today, lists are made with the most famous musicians. This is a list of interpreters and composers of the middle ages, the top one of monasteries and castles:

1st. Pope Gregory Magno (540-604): he was who compiled and organized a series of Roman songs and makes them mandatory of the unified Christian liturgy, surge known Gregorian chant. 2nd. Guido of Arezzo (991-1033): technical Italian, he had his place in history by its system of notation musical. 3rd. Leonin or Magister Leoninus (1135-1201): A genius of the music Organum. Composer, poet and French professor. First great exponent of the school of Notre. His more important work: "Magnus Liber". 4th. Pérotin or Magister Perotinus Magnus(1155-1230): his most important work: "Viderunt omnes". 5th. Alfonso X the Wise (1221-1284): author of the ' Cantigas de Santa Maria´´. He composed both sacred and secular Troubadour music. 6th. Philippe of Vitry (1291-1361): He became Bishop. Musician of Ars nova that gave name to all the music movement of its time. A revolutionary (perhaps the first one) of music. 7th. Guillaume de Machaut (1300-1377): Innovative composer of motets. To him we owe ' the mass of Notre Dame´y the introduction of the measure and the musical rhythm in his compositions. 8th. Gilles Binchois(1400-1460): composer French, author of motets, masses and hymns and master of polyphony.

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