Crazy Laws

June 6, 2016


There are many crazy laws in U.S.A.

The people who live in there think we aren't crazies but it isn’t so, I put ten crazy laws of U.S.A

1-It is legal that a little boy has a weapon , but it is illegal that he has a weapon of toy

2-It is illegal tell “Oh boy”.

3-It is illegal sing in the shower.

4-It is illegal tie a giraffe on a lamppost.

5-It is illegal ride a ugly horse.

6-It is illegal have a ice cream cone.

7-Each person should be washed once a year.

8-It is illegal opened a soda bottle without the supervision of a Ingenero with          title.

9-It is illegal that a man tell a woman that she drive a car.

10-It is illegal eat peanuts and go back on the streets where there is a concert.

These are some crazy laws of U.S.A but have more.

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