The legend of Troy

May 25, 2016

Hello guys,today I will tell about Schliemann and Troy.


Heinrich Schliemann was born in German on January the 6th, 1822 and he died on December the 26th, 1890. He was a businessman and a pioneer in the archaeology. He was excavator of Hissarlik( is the modern name for the generally agreed site of ancient Troy). His work lent weight reflect historical events.Schliemann was pioneer in the study of Aegean civilization,he have planned excavate Knossos but he died before doing that.

Troy was the city in Classical Sources now is Turkey. Is found 3000 B.C and is abandoned 500 A.D in .The new capital is called Ilium,was founded on the site in the reign of Augustus.Troy VII has been identified with the Hittite city Wilusa, the probable origin of Greek.Now Hisarik has given its name to a small village near the ruins.


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