Survey: Best football team ever

May 20, 2016


I do an interview to 75 people included me about what is his favourite football team or the team that they think plays better and these are the results:

  • 40 people voted Real Madrid

  • 20 people voted Atlético de Madrid

  • 5 people voted Barça

  • 2 people voted Rayo Vallecano

  • 2 people voted Valencia

  • 1 person voted Sevilla

  • 1 person voted Atlético de Bilbao

  • 1 person voted Málaga

  • 1 person voted Bayer de Múnich

  • 1 person voted Deportivo de la Coruña

  • 1 person voted Sporting de Gijón


I asked people on the street,in my school, and in my family, which isn’t little...

The most voted team ,counting with my vote , is Real Madrid!

It´s my favourite because it plays very well, it has the best players, I’m from Madrid and it fights a lot,that's why it always wins.

Most teams are of Spain because I live in Spain and the people choose a team of here.



The winner is REAL MADRID!!!!



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