May 19, 2016

The stonehenge is a megalithic  monument , type crómlech, at ending of the  neolític ,  is a Patrimony of the Humanity .

It is made for large metamorphic rocks, distributed in four inside of this row outer , It is another circle of smaller rocks  , the monument have form of horse shoe-shaped , and inside there's the altar


Stonehenge is part of a big complex, include circles of rocks and avenue ceremonials a few more to three km  of Stonehenge, in  Durrington Walls it was found Woodhenge, with a design similar at the Stonehenge and build in the same century, and made of wood.


The purpose build this great monument is ignored , It supposed to be used as a religious temple , funeral monument or astronomical observatory that was used to predict the seasons .

Stonehenge could have been used together with Woodhenge in religious ceremonies and worship of the dead to life, perhaps it symbolized by the circle of wood.




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