How cheese is made

May 18, 2016


Cheese is made with milk, quality cheese is made with quality milk.

First the milk is tested with a process.

The milk is weighed, heat treated or pasteurized to be sure that is safe eat it.

A type of a good bacteria is added to start the cheesemaking process. Next, a milk-clotting enzyme is added to coagulate the milk, forming a custard-like mass.

When this process are finished they have to separate the liquid part of the solid part to be cooked.Differents cheeses have to be cooked differents temperatures.

Cheesemakers cook and stir the curds and whey until the desired temperature and firmness of the curd is achieved. The whey is then drained off, leaving a tightly formed curd.There are differents forms to cut and salt the cheese. Pressing determines the characteristic shape of the cheese and helps complete the curd formation. Depending on the variety and style of cheese, another step may be curing. Curing is used for aged cheeses and helps fully develop its flavor and texture.

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