Saint Mother Teresa

May 13, 2016


Let’s talk about Mother Teresa, Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu (26 Aug 1910 – 5 Sept 1997). She was an Albanian Roman Catholic religious sister and missionary. We’re studying Asia, so, why is she related with this continent if she was European? Well, she born in Skopje (Macedonia) and also she lived in Ireland, but above all, in India. There, she converted an Hindu temple into a House of Diying with shelter for the poors. She also founded Missionaries of Charity to help poors and people with a lot of different types of illness.

Mother Teresa said an important phrase about death: "A beautiful death is for people who lived like animals to die like angels, loved and wanted". After all she died in Calcutta, West Bengal (India) with 87 years old.

She received numerous honours like the Nobel Peace prize (1979). In 2003 was beatified, Blessed mother Teresa of Calcutta, and in 2015 was recognised as a saint.


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