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May 6, 2016



Anime is a Japanese animation. Drawings can be made by hand or computer .What can read from children to adults.

Also the size of the eyes, thin noses and mouths, their very particular hair and their bodies as well as the expressiveness of the characters is characterized.

Anime features are the: plot, romanticism and realism.

Before the popular Anime name was "japanimation". The Anime is recognized for its variety of genders, unique artistic style, and deep and emotional stories.




Manga is a type of japanese comic. The cartoons Manga are read from right to left, the drawings are often noted for drawings with big eyes.The comics often featuring heroes. Since the eighties have conquered western markets. Each week or month take a new magazine.


The Manga  is a very important part in japan editorial. The father of modern manga , it is called Osamu Tezuka , he created these characters: Meteoro, Heidi, Marco, Candy-Candy, Mazinger Z.


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