May 4, 2016



Today i’m going to speak about Cosplay . It comes from "costume play",and it emerged in Japan in 1970 .


You have to wear a costume of your favourite characters from the world of comics, manga, movies, anime and videogames.


You  need to spend a lot of time and money on clothes and accessories, which  is expensive , but is very beautiful .

You wear costumes of  characters of the opposite sex, or furry, which is made with animal skins.


On Monday morning ,on the streets of Japan you can find on the subway,a person who  is wearing that kind of costume.


The main objective is to have fun, either alone or with friends. Some take it to another level and encourage you  to compete in contests to see who wears the best outfit or who makes the best presentation.


This is the  lifestyle in Japan. It is different but it is fun.

It is very original because you can wear costumes about who or what  you like in the streets, without anyone telling you anything.


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