Were there ninjas in old Japan?

Welcome guys, I have to tell you about ninjas

It is difficult to trace the origin of the first ninja, more properly called shinobi. After all, around the world and throughout history have always existed spies and murderers. According to Japanese tradition, the ninja descended from a demon that was half man, half raven. In reality, the ninja slowly evolved as an opposing force to the upper class of the time, the samurai in feudal Japan. Many sources indicate that the skills again in ninjutsu began to develop between 600 to 900. It is said that Prince Shotoku Otomono Sahito hired as a shinobi spy. For the year 850, the Tang Dynasty in China began to decline. He fell in 907, dragging China to fifty years of chaos. The collapse forced several generals of the dynasty fled to Japan. These commanders brought with them new tactics and philosophies war.

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