Payday 2

Payday 2 is a first person shooter made by Overkill software.

Payday 2 is cooperative game up to 4 players.

The approach of this game is robbing banks, jewelers, rescue prisoners from jail and very different objectives.

The principals characters that we can use are Dallas, Chains, Houston and Wolf but with updates and dlc we have more (John Wick, Claver, old Hoxton, Dragan, Bonnie, Jacket, Sokol, yakuza and Jimmy but they possibly ad more).

There are 600 levels.

There are 50 missions that take place in different maps, all maps have random respawn, all the missions are different, and you never get the same mission than before.

The game has skills too; more level, more skill and you can play easily every heist.

You can do the missions on 5 difficulty stealth or assault and you can customize all your weapons and masks with objects that give you at the end of missions.

You can play on these platforms:PC, PS4, XBOX ONE, PS3 AND XBOX 360.

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