April 11, 2016


The Samuráis were japanese warriors .They ruled the country for hundreds of years. It believes that the word samurai comes from the word "saburau" in ancient Japanese it means to serve.

They had many wars and different ages .There were different clans of samurai, who fight each other and were enemies .When Tokugawa shogunate was establish a process was initiate to remove the status and legality of the samurai.The different martial arts were banned.

There were various armor  as tanko (鍛鋼), Keiko (携 行), yoroi (鎧), Tosei gusoku

(当 世 具足) .The typical dress of the samurai when they aren´t wearing the armor was the hakama or the kimono. The most popular and important weapon to the samurai  that has cutting blade was NIHONTO or katana in the West. The Japanese bow (called yumi) was his favorite weapon and only used the sword when they descend to the horse . Samurai used to be experts in the kyūba no michi "way of the bow and the horse." Arches used at that time largely resemble those currently used in the kyūdō.

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