Concert for dogs

Laurie Anderson started the year preparing a concert in Times Square in honor of the dogs who helped during the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001.

The concert was on Monday, January 4th and was free. The concert was called MIDNIGHT MOMENT in

collaboration with an organization that since 2012 is dedicated to presenting innovative events once a month in New York and besides being allusive both dogs and his recent work, Laurei Anderson is dedicated to honor the First Responders K9 teams that are dedicated to help and deal with trauma and mental health support by working with trained rescue dogs.

The concert will be audible to dogs only. The trick is to use very low decibels graspable only by the hypersensitive ears of dogs frequencies, but also can be heard by humans long as they use special headphones for the occasion, as a “Silent Disco”, it is not the first time Anderson has show dog and in 2010 had been in concert at the SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE where the artist executed sounds with whistles and electronic equipment, accompanied by woodwinds and strings to entertain also the owner

A good number of dogs barking and howling react with others remained motionless. The artist said the canine public is one of the most educated for which it has acted.

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