December 17, 2015


   EXo is a Chinese-South Korean boy band based in Seoul( In our view they are good-looking and they dance quite well ).They are 12 and their names are: Suho,  Baekhyun, D.O., Sehun, Kris, Xiumin, Lu Han, Lay, Chen and Tao.

   They are 12 boys (8 Koreans and 4 chinese) , but later they became 10 when LuHan and Kris left the musical group because they had personal problems . So now EXO is form by: 8 Koreans and 2 Chinese.


   In January (2011) they form the band. In 2012 they made their first début with the song “MAMA”.

They came back in 2013 with their first album called “XOXO" in a chinese and korean version promoting the song called “wolf" which achieve the first position in the World Albums from Billboard Chart.

In 2014 they promoted their new mini-album called “Overdose" but also in 2014 Kris and Lu Han left the group.

In 2015 they came back with their second, and probably most famous, album called “Exodus” which contains their song “Call Me Baby" if you like k-pop we are sure you have listened to it. 


   There's a story behind their name (EXO) the name “exo" comes from the word exoplanet (out of the solar system)

From where they belong. Basically when they arrive to the earth they lose their memories and they think that they are humans. Their powers form one big power “The three of the life" regulate by a power called The Legend. An evil energy destroyed the three breaking it in two different parts. To save the heart of the three,



   The Legend stopped the time and went to the past the powers divided in two different suns being one the opposite of the other and complementing each other. The Legend says: “They will see the same sky but they will be in different grounds or they will be in the same ground, but they will see different skies”


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