Weapons on medieval armies - How they fight


-Barbarian method:

When they fight, all the people that resort to the battlefield go to fight without taking care of the other people, they didn´t organised, they just fight.


-Village against village:

When they fight with another villages, they usually fight first with an army of chivalry, later the knights or the peasants and take all the food and the loot.

When they want to conquest somewhere they usually set fire to the farming lands so the people who live there doesn´t have nothing for eating


-Army against army:

in the 14th century they developed a tidy method for fight, first the chivalry with swords, after the knights or the peasants, finally the archers throw arrows setting fire.


-Army against a castle:

They used to fight with a catapult and they destroyed the big door with a big piece of wood that was hit by 10 people, the archers of the castle throw arrows to the fighters that was trying to enter on the castles, and the archer of the army throw arrows to the tower´s archers

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