The Rite of Spring

May 5, 2015

Ignacio Ferreras & Javier Sanchez del Val


The rite of spring is a russian ballet composed by Igor Stravinsky. It was written on 1913 for the Russian ballet company of Paris. It’s context caused a big impression on the audience as with the form it was composed.

Before composing this ballet, he previously had presented others like The Firebird and Petrushka. After it’s reception in London it was never performed again until 1920 because it was very criticized.

By 1908 Stravinsky had composed pieces like the Piano Sonata in F sharp minor, a symphony in E-flat major and a concert called  Feu d’Artifice. He started composing the rite of spring on 1911 when he came back to his house in Ukraine. The ballet is divided in two parts: the first is called The Adoration of Earth and the second one The Sacrifice. The first part is divided in seven acts and the second one in six, each one with an introduction. The play is situated on a garden so the background and costumes are really worked. It goes about how mythological characters  on ancient times thanked the spring, their rites and how they chose their leaders. It lasts for about an hour.

When it was performed for the first time the theatre was completely full but by the time it developed people started leaving and complaining to Stravinsky because they were not used to that kind of atonal music. It was composed when Stravinsky was 31 years all but he didn’t care about people’s opinion and he kept composing this kind of music and also neo-classical pieces.

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