2014 Best Books

By Beatriz Sanz & Jhoselin Montaquiza

We ask in our school about the best book, but this post is only about girl´s books, because we don´t know what the boys read.

The most voted book has been THE HUNGER GAMES. It´s a reality show, where twelve boys and girls participate, but the only way to survive is killing. This book has been adapted to movies.

The second book most read is “The Fault in our Stars”. It´s a book about the feelings of a teenagers who have cancer and undertake great adventures and feelings that leave aside their problems and live their best life.

Other 2014 popular books are “The Maze Runner´s trilogy”, “The Misundertood's Club”, “Divergent” and “Percy Jackson´s books”. The writers are fabulous and their ideas amaze to the followers every time.

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