What to expect from Apple in 2015

January 2, 2015

2015 could be one of the most interesting years in Apple's history. It's moving into a whole new world with the Apple Watch, a device that's as much about high fashion as high tech, and with the tablet market showing signs of saturation it needs some bright ideas to reinvigorate iPad sales. There are two new operating systems to prepare, an enterprise push to explore and some new musical directions - and there might even be a stylus. Here's what we think (and in a few cases, hope) we'll see from Apple in 2015.


We're fascinated by the Apple Watch, especially the one we can't afford. Will rich gold-watch buyers be willing to own a device that may well be obsolete in a year or two? That speedy obsolescence happened with the original iPad, so you'd have been pretty gutted if Apple had persuaded you to spend thousands on a gold one. How Apple handles the obsolescence issue - if it handles it at all - could make or break the Apple Watch as high fashion as well as high tech.


Sales of iPads have slowed, but they might pick up again in 2015 if tablets do indeed have PC-like replacement cycles: the iPads people bought in 2012 will be showing their age this year, especially come the next major iOS update. As ever, Apple will have plenty of new ones for them to buy: updated iPad Airs and minis - the latter still relevant despite the iPhone 6 Plus due to its much lower price tag - and maybe the much-rumoured iPad Pro, a bigger-screened iPad for power users.


The reason the 5K Retina display appeared in the iMac rather than as a display for the Mac Pro is bandwidth: the existing DisplayPort technology in the Thunderbolt connector doesn't have enough of it. DisplayPort 1.3 in Thunderbolt 3 does, but it won't appear until Intel's Skylake processors ship. They're due for a 2015 launch, which raises the possibility of a 5K-capable Mac Pro towards the end of the year.

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