Rock Genre

Rock'n Roll

Time: 1940's and 1950's.

Place: USA

Origin: Combination of African-American genres such as blues, and country music. 

Instruments: piano, saxophone, drum set, double bass and electric guitar.

Lyrics: Easy to understand and a repetitive chorus.

Did you know...

  • rock and roll, as seen in movies and on television, influenced lifestyles, fashion, attitudes, and language.

  • Usually, rock'n roll lyrics were about have a good time, have fun, dance.

  • Rock'n Roll songs are not to long, because of the media (vinyls could only include three minutes). 

Some bands and artists were:

50 - elvis-presley2.jpg
50 - Chuck Berry.JPG

Elvis Presley

Chuck Berry

Little Richard

Jerry Lee Lewis


Time: 1965

Place: USA and UK

Origin: Develope of Rock and Roll and beat music. 

Instruments: Electric guitar, electric bass and drum set.

Lyrics: Burning-up lyrics with inappropiate language.

Did you know...

  • Guitar solos were very usual. 

  • There was a psychedelic rock, with crazy lyrics that last for 20 minutes!!

  • Also there was a more fancy rock, called progressive rock 

Some bands and artists were:

60 - Rolling.jpg
60 - Beatles_-_Abbey_Road.jpg
60-Led Zeppelin.jpg

Rolling Stones

The Beatles

Led Zeppelin

60 - Deep Purple.jpg

Deep Purple

Hard Rock

Time: 1970's.

Place: USA

Origin: Evolution of rock music from psychedelic and blues. 

Instruments: Electric guitars, electric bass, drum set and piano or keyboard.

Lyrics: Agressive vocals, with a tendency to talk about violence, war or demons .

Did you know...

  • guitar solos were the heart of this music.

  • It was a massive popular music in the 70's.

  • In this style, the singer always tried to cheer up the audience. 

Some bands and artists were:

70 - AC_DC_logo.jpg
black sabbath.jpg
Kiss (1).jpg


Black Sabbath

Alice Cooper


Soft Rock

Time: Last years of the 60's and 70's

Place: USA

Origin: Folk music with elements of rock. 

Instruments: Folk instruments like the acoustic guitar, fiddle. Also used rock instruments like electric guitar, electric bass and drum set.

Lyrics: Deeper meaning, about life and death.

Did you know...

  • Normally this styles used slow and mid tempos. 

  • It used to be more sentimental.  

Some bands and artists were:

60 - Bob Dylan.jpg
the eagles.jpg
james taylor.jpg

Bob Dylan

The Eagles

James Taylor



Time: 1970's and a revival in the 1990's.

Place: UK

Origin: Rock music with political and social ideas, specially anarchy. 

Instruments: Electric guitars, electric bass, drum set.

Lyrics: Agressive vocals, with violence, anarchy and antisystem messages. 

Did you know...

  • guitars were so distorted than all musical notes were blured. 

  • Punk fashion includes leather jackets, spiked bracelets and mohack haircut.

  • Lyrics were really aggressive and with explicit sexual content.

Some bands and artists were:

70 - Sex Pistols.gif

Sex Pistols

the clash.jpg

The Clash

90 - green day.jpeg

Green Day

the offspring.jpg

The Offspring