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Unit 1: Recorder Power!!

In this first unit, let's study our new instrument: The recorder. In the past, we learnt how to play classroom instruments, specially the xylophone and the metallophone. This year, we start practising with a new brand instrument. This study will last for the next four years!!!. First of all we have to understand what is a recorder and how it works.

recorder structure.jpg
Parts of the recorder
recorder parts.jpg

Some advices can help to start playing the recorder:

  1. Always play the recorder with your left hand on the top, and the right hand on the botton. 

  2. The left thumb is used to cover the back hole, but the right thumb is used to balance the instrument.

  3. Always cover the holes with the fleshy part of your finger, not only the tip.

  4. Holes are always cover by the same finger. 

  5. Always keep your instrument clean. Here you have a video-tutorial how to do it. 

  6. You must blow the instrument softly but firmly. If you blow too hard, the sound will be awful, but if you blow tenderly, the sound will be too weak. The best way to know how to blow is trying.

  7. Don't be scare of the recorder. Try to play it and don't worry if you don't do it perfectly, you will be getting better. 

  8. Never, I say, NEVER share your recorder!!!

Our first notes!!

Ok, now we are ready. Let's begin with the first notes. Remember we always must learn four things about each note:

  • How you name that note in english

  • How you name that note in spanish

  • How do you write that note on the staff

  • How do you play that note on the recorder. 

English: B note.

Spanish: nota si

recorder notes.jpg

English: A note.

Spanish: nota la

a note.png
recorder notes.jpg

Here you have a short video about all the thing we just learn. And below you have our first music score to be played.

3-1 lets begin.png

Our first music score!!


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