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Unit 5: High and Low

Why G clef is called G?

The G clef or treble clef is not only a symbol in music. It is also used to point where the sound G (sol) is located on the staff. 

treble with the note.png

When the G note is located, it's simple to look for the other notes. Every space and line mean a new note. If you know the music scale, it's easy to know where the other notes are written. 

music scale.jpg

So... How many notes can we write?

As many as you need... And if the staff is getting short, you can use ledger lines to put lower and higher notes.

ledger lines.png

We must avoid using to many ledger note, because music can be hard to read.

But we only have seven notes, so... ¿How can we name more notes? Simply use the same notes, but adding the words High for higher notes or Low for lower notes.

Mix them up!

In music, we combine duration and pitch. Every note will have a double value: 

     First, the duration of the note (Whole, half, quarter...)

     Then, the name of the note (C, D, High E...)

For example:

2-5 Example 1.jpg
2-5 Example 2.jpg
2-5 Example 3.jpg
2-5 Example 4.jpg

This is a Whole G

This is a Half G

This is a Quarter A

This is a Half High D

Dance: Sham Harey Golan שם הרי גולן

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