Baroque Music

What's baroque?

Basically, we call baroque to the 17th Century. That means 400 years ago!!!

There were painters, scuptors and architects who created lots of masterworks.

They liked motion and detail.​


How did people live in that time?

It was a time with no hospital or medical facilities.

People died for any disease, because there were no medicines.

Lices were a problem during those days, so people shave their heads and used wigs!


How do I know when music is baroque?

  • A lot of notes appeared, even in slow music. 

  • Opera appeared for the first time. The opera was a dramatic work with music, playing on a stage.

  • Three instruments were used a lot: violin, harpsichord and organ.

    • The violin is a bowed string instrument. One of the masters of this instrument was Antonio Vivaldi.​

    • The harpsichord seems like a piano, but the sound is quite different. Domenico Scarlatti was one of the greatest musicians of this time.

    • The organ is a complex wind instrument. It's the biggest instrument, and one of the most hard-to-play instruments.

  • In this time, musicians tried to impress the audience playing or singing really fast and hard. That is called Virtuosism.

Vivaldi - Violin concerto "Summer" - 3rd movement "Storm"

J.P. Rameau - La Poule

G.F.Händel - "Julius Caesar" Opera

Great Music, Great musicians

Antonio Vivaldi

Domenico Scarlatti

Scarlatti - Presto from sonata in Cm

George F. Haendel

Aria from "Giulio Cesare" (G.F.Handel))

Johann Sebastian Bach

Monteverdi - Prelude from "L'Orfeo"

Buxtehude - Passacaglia 

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