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Popular and traditional music

Why are there so many kinds of music?

Music is a human activity. That means music can be as diverse as anything as people can do. Music can be fun, serious, epic, boring...

You can find different kind of music like...





And also you can find music in different places like...

tv shows






What is the difference between popular and traditional music?

We call popular music to the music more or less everybody know or hear about. It can be the most listened music on spotify, or the radio, or from some movies. Sometimes happen these songs are famous and popular for a time. Normally these songs are recorded with modern instruments and computers.

Traditional songs are singing and playing with traditional instruments. Those are songs well-know for everyone, because they are attached to some festivities or celebrations. The music of those songs can be changed and covered in a lot of different ways.

A song: A sailor went to sea

A sailor went to sea sea sea
to see what she could see see see.
But all that she could see see see
was the bottom of the deep blue sea sea sea.

jelly fish.jpg

    Seahorse                Jellyfish                         Turtle                                Octopus 

baby shark.jpg
blue whale.jpg

                           Baby shark                                     Blue whale

Dance: Sirtaki

This is one of the most ancient dances from Greece, in Europe.

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