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E.T. - Phone scene

E.T. - Bike scene

The Empire strikes back - Darth Vader Theme

Return of the Jedi - Endor Battle

Blade Runner - Tears in rain scene

Neverending story - Trailer

Excalibur - Arthur's knighthood

Conan the Barbarian

The Goonies - Truffle Shuffle Scene

Raiders of the lost ark - Ball scene

Tron - The reconizer and the Bit scene

Back to the future I - Chuck Berry Scene

Back to the future II - Hover Board Chase

The Princess Bride - Iñigo Montoya fight

The Shining - Here's Johnny Scene

The Shining - Come play with us scene

A nightmare on Elm Street - Opening

Out of Africa - A glimpse of the World scene

The Color Purple - Hell no

Raging Bull

The Mision - Redemption scene

Ghostbusters - Marshmallow scene

Top Secret - fight scene

Die hard - Roof jump scene

Predator - Trailer

The Legend of the drunken master - Fight scene

Bloodsport - Frank Dux fight

Karate Kid - Crane kick

Akira - Tetsuo losing arm

Naussicaa - Opening and End-credits

My neighbor Totoro - Trailer

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