Time: 1920's

Place: USA

Origin: Orchestral music from the beginning of the century, in a doubled tempo.

Instruments: brass instruments, piano and saxopjhone.

Lyrics: No lyrics.

Did you know...

  • It was a music for dance solo or in couple.

  • Dance was easy, so you could improvise it.

  • Percussion section was no used in that time.

Some artists were: Josephine Baker


Time: 1940's

Place: USA

Origin: Bluegrass and country music. Also barbershop quartet style.

Instruments: Vocal harmony with a few instruments.

Lyrics: Mosty about love and first steps in relationship.

Did you know...

  • It was a great hit at the end of the 40's.

  • There was a lead singer, but also a choir.

  • The "Doo wop" name was formed by the sound of the choir singing.

Some artists were: 

the platters.jpg

The Platters

the chordettes.jpg

The Chordettes

crew cuts.jpg

The Crew Cuts


Time: 1960's

Place: UK

Origin: Mix up of Rock'n Roll and Rockabilly. 

Instruments: Lead vocal and harmonies. Two electric guitars, an electric bass and drum set. 

Lyrics: Mosty about love  in a positive way. Friendship.

Did you know...

  • With this music, the British Invasion started.

  • Producers tried to generate more benefits with marketing.

  • This style tried to promote youth.

Some artists were: 


The Beatles


Gerry and the pacemakers


The Searchers


The Monkeys


Time: 1960's

Place: USA

Origin: Bluegrass and Rock.

Instruments: Guitars, banjos, harmonicas, double bass, drum set and dobros. 

Lyrics: American way of life, tough people and even macho man. 

Did you know...

  • It was an attempt to return to well known American music. 

  • The lead singer normally used a lower voice.

  • In the US, it was a phenomenon.

Some artists were: 

johnny cash.jpg

Johnny Cash

Charlie McCoy.jpg

Charlie McCoy

Creedence Clearwater Revival.jpg

Creedence Clearwater Revival


Time: 1970's

Place: Europe

Origin: Funky music from R'n B. 

Instruments: Lead singer and electric instruments like keyboards and synthesisers. 

Lyrics: Dance, first love, but also friendship, enjoying life and be happy.

Did you know...

  • It was the predominant music for a decade.

  • Movies were filmed with a dance theme.

  • This music was attached with a way of fashion.

Some artists were: 



gloria gaynor.webp

Gloria Gaynor

donna summer.jpg

Donna Summer

the bee gees.jpg

The Bee Gees

New Wave

Time: 1980's

Place: USA

Origin: Beat and disco, but with a great influence of punk behaviour.

Instruments: Singer with some electronic instruments. Guitars are not so important, but they liked sound effects.

 Lyrics: Love and friendship. Youth and freedom. Sometimes they looked for justice and politics. 

Did you know...

  • It was the most important style since the birth of Rock. 

  • With this style, music became very popular and benefits were huge. 

  • MTV channel was created to promote this music.

Some artists were: