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Unit 1: What's the sound?

How can it be possible to everyone on this planet love music? We are sound-dependent people. Click on the button to know  more!!


Unit 2: So... This is music!!

A new and scientific way to understand music and sound. Click the button to know more about this.

Unit 3: "Modern" Classical music?

We call "classical music" to that music made with violins and pianos, but that is a huge mistake. Is there a classical music today?. Click the button to know more about it!

baroque chibi.jpg

Unit 4: The Young and rebel Mozart

He was called to be the greatest composer of all time, but he only wanted to be happy. Who was this young rebel?. Click the button to know more about it!

Unit 5: Musical traditions from America

America was discovered by Christopher Columbus. Since then, its music and traditions have been improved by different cultures. Let's discover America's musics and traditions. Click on the bottom to know more about it!

america music.jpg

Unit 6: Long live Rock'n Roll!!

Rock music is powerful!! But how did it begin? Let's discover more about musicians and styles that rock music!! Click the button to know more about it!!

6th Grade

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