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Unit 1: Music in the Middle Ages

Medieval time is amazing. In this unit we will discover more about this age and its music. Click on the button to know  more!!


Unit 2: Ludwig van Beethoven

It is said that he is the greatest composer in history, but also he was deaf!! How can it be? Let's discover why. Click on the bottom to know more.

Unit 3: Instruments... Ensembles!!

Instruments playing together. The more, the better. Let's discover how instruments are organise and how an orchestra is working!!!


Unit 4: Compound and mixed meters: Welcome to the jungle!

Let's introduce new meters. You can find these mixed meters in dance music. Click on the bottom to know more about it!

Unit 5: Music in Europe

Europe, known as the "Old Continent", has a large variety of music and traditions. Let's find out!! Click the button to know more about it!

european music.jpg

Unit 6: Jazz do it!

Before rock and pop music, there was a music genre that drive people crazy!!! And this music continue nowadays. Click the button to know more about it!!

5th Grade

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